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1. The Breaking and the Remaking of the Ring
2. Into the Feygrove
3. Onwards and upwards
4. Death on the Mount
5. The Barracks and Below
6. A Dilatory Day
7. The Battle of the Wagon
8. The Orcs of Gardmore Village

Welcome to the Madness!

Until recently, it had all been about the Thunderspire Labyrinth, with the Keep on the Shadowfell in recent memory. So most of the content here relates to those. Now, however, we rejoin our heroes as they come together again to pit themselves against the challenges of Gardmore Abbey, using the 13th Age game system instead of the previous D&D 4e.

This campaign relates the fate and fortunes of a band of Nentir Vale heroes who early dubbed themselves ‘The Fairy Ring’ in light of their various, seemingly coincidental, connections with the Fey. They found themselves opposing the nefarious schemes of the followers of Orcus, the Demon Prince of Undead.

Why should I read this Campaign?

  1. If you’re a player in it and
    - you missed a session,
    - you want to read the DM’s writeup for angles/clues which may have been overlooked during the session itself, as they will be duly emphasised here,
    - you want to make sure you get full recognition for your ideas, Natural 20s, and other highlight moments,
    - you never tire of re-reading your heroic exploits as the true star of the Fairy Ring.
  2. If you’re a DM of H2 and want to learn how one group’s experience of it, using Myrhdraak’s excellent Orcus Conversion, worked out (cf. the DM’s ‘technical’ commentary on the forum, e.g. here)
  3. If you like reading Adventure Logs, or write them yourself and want to see how someone else’s ones come out. I’ve been doing this sort of thing for ages, although I do think writeups of real gaming sessions have to serve so many purposes all at the same time that they can’t be brilliant fiction too. But these are hopefully more than a random thesaurus-use of words for “hit”, and portray the excitement of combat which can be lost in obsessing over the crunch and suffering the grind.

Our heroes are:

Wjizzo the Wizard, PC throughout
— A High Elf who enigmatically left the fabled city of Mithrendain in the Feywild to come to the Nentir Vale, Wjizzo is a wielder of arcane power and scourge of all minions.

Cram of the Thumper Clan, PC throughout
— Barbarian of the Winterbole Forest, the most promising scion of a tribe who worship the primal spirit of the Great Rabbit, and student of the ‘explorer’ Douven Staul. He is known for his piercing battle-cry and the might of his sword-arms.

Fosden of the Cliffs, PC from the start of Gardmore
— Cleric of Pelor, distinguished for the great feat in his youth of being the first person to scale the Drachensgrab Cliffs in the Stonemarch. Where Pelor’s priest in Fallcrest did not answer the call, Fosden has taken up his spear to root out an insane cultist.

‘Eric Bloodhammer’, PC met early in Gardmore
— Now a mercenary Fighter, but a ‘defrocked’ former paladin of Bahamut

Elana Lee-Chearda, NPC; originally an NPC healer recruited mid-H1, PC through H2 from early on,
— Bard and fey-pact follower of Corellon, she first gave support from the sidelines, then led from the rear. And now, if a goal cannot be gained through intelligence, negotiation and moral decency, she dons armour and fearlessly wields sword and shield into the fray.

And their sometime associates include:

Varris the Scarred, PC throughout
— Elf Ranger, sole survivor of a band of elves, who has turned to the Raven Queen and become an Avenger upon her foes. Scout and “spiritual backbone” of the party until he fell to ‘friendly acid fire’ from Wjizzo when 13th Age abandoned D&D 4e’s ludicrous immunity from firing into melee, and Wjizzo rolled a 1 on a Daily he’d Evoked to max damage, and then a 20 against poor Varris. But it’s the Raven Queen who’s in charge of Death, not the 13th Age game system…

‘Percival’ the Halfling, PC recruited mid-H1; departed late-H2; departed early Gardmore
— An amnesiac placed by a priestess of Avandra into the keeping of Wolczek, he proved to have a prodigy’s hand and eye with the knife. Then, one morning after the Ring rescued the same priestess from slavery in Thunderspire, he disappeared. Only his black-and-silver shuriken and an old Nerath gold coin remained in his stead, and then even they disappeared! (Well OK, Varris put the coin in the party’s purse. But the shuriken really did disappear.)

Surina the Firebrand, PC through H2 from early on
— Devoted to Erathis she wields powers wrested from The Pit the destroy the foes of civilization. A veteran of gnoll-wars in the northern wilderness, she met the Ring in Thunderspire, escaped the influence of Mezzothraxiar the Imp and now, whilst they see her as a dangerous firebrand, all value her as an ally in a fight.

Acula of House Azaer, PC at the outset, departed mid-H1
— the Tiefling Warlock wielding powers of the Fey who originally led the Fairy Ring on their journey to Winterhaven and into the Keep on the Shadowfell.

Wolczek the Dragonborn, PC at the outset, departed mid-H1
— the Paladin of Bahamut who ventured into the Keep on the Shadowfell until he found the Fairy Ring in no great need of defending in battle and heeded another call, leaving his ward Percival to take his place.

Start of the published Adventure Log:
Aftermath of the Well of Demons

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The Fairy Ring in the Nentir Vale

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