''Eric Bloodhammer''

Nobleblood knight with a massive red beard


‘Eric Bloodhammer’ is an ex-Paladin turned mercenary fighter.

This is not what his life was supposed to turn out to be. In fact he was born Guy de Bois, the youngest some of Lord Mauric de Bois, hereditary Grand Marshal of the Empire.
Being the youngest son of five, he had no prospect of inheriting his father’s title, so he turned to the only profession open to men trained to the martial arts.
Fighting came as second nature.

Then came the freat strife. During this time Guy rose to prominence for his martial prowess. Unfortunately things did not go so well for the rest of his family. His father was killed leading a charge in one of the early battles.
The next son in line blamed the Empreror for the death of his father and the mismangement of the campaign. The de Bois’ thus became a focus of resentment against the Emperor.
REvolt soon followed but was mistimed as things started to swing back in the Emperor’s favour. Retribution followed swiftly: three brothers died either in battle of by the assassin’s art. A fourth drank himself to death.
This left Guy isolated and vulnerable. He was just bright enough to realise that his prospects were not good, so he ran…
Changed his name, and joined the Paladin Order of Bahamut.

This worked for ten years — then somehowhis secret came out, to someone. Missions were assigned; things went wrong. Death approached too close, too many times and in too many forms. The writing was on the wall.
Eric ran again. His absence caused him to be blackguarded by the Brotherhood. He is now wanted by Emperor and Brotherhood both.

''Eric Bloodhammer''

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