'Fosden of the Cliffs'


Whilst still a youth, Fosden was a well known Mountaineer who became famous for the difficult climbs he performed. His father was a Blacksmith and taught Fosden some of his Weaponsmithing skills.

On reaching the appropriate age, he was recruited to the military and found his faith as a follower of (? : Pelor esque), in his work as Military Chaplain. After several campaigns, he chose to leave military service and enter a Monastery: initially as Librarian, but eventually rising through the ranks to become the Bishop of the area.

He spent his limited leisure time composing poetry and sailing a small yacht. As Bishop he was often called upon to assist in resolving conflicts, both civil and military and his powers of diplomacy were often put to good use in troubled times.

He has now left his post of Bishop (Does it make sense to say his home town was destroyed in a war that left him without a Bishopric?) and finds himself wandering the world seeking to right wrongs and generally make the world a better/safer place to live in.

'Fosden of the Cliffs'

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