Clan-brothers' Succour

(re-cast from the Vistani ritual: Comrades’ Succour, Dragon 380)
In this game, this is known to the Primal ritualists of the Thumper Clan.1

Where ritual-participants share a bond as close as clan-brothers, the shaman and the strongest of the tribe can share their vitality and the favour of the spirit-world with their comrades in readiness to face a particular threat.

Level: 1 Component Cost: 10 gp
Category: Restoration Market Price: 150 gp
Time: 5 minutes Key Skill: Heal (no check)
Duration: Instantaneous

While performing this ritual, you and up to 5 participants can choose to sacrifice any number of healing surges and select another participant to gain an equal number of healing surges. No participant can have more healing surges than his or her daily maximum. Additionally, you or one participant must lose 1 healing surge when performing this ritual.

By the traditions of the Thumper Clan, the ritual-leader cuts his palm and drips some blood into a bowl, inviting the power of the spirit-world to fulfil this ritual. Warriors of the clan gain standing by giving of their strength in a similar fashion. Then the ritual-leader spatters a small amount of the blood over all present2 to honour and thank the spirits, and then he spatters the majority on those selected to receive the strength and favour of their comrades, in rough proportion to their need.

The strength thus gained must be drawn upon by the next dawn or it will attract weasel-spirits that will drink it away from him, and may gnaw on his own spirit while they’re there.

1 This ritual is a radical game-changer, allowing the party to re-distribute their healing surges at the cost of just one surge, enabling them (given a Short Rest and 10gp of Ritual Components) to return from ‘on the edge’ to survive greater adversities. This is great for increasing the length of the ‘working day’ and avoiding momentum-killing Extended Rests. But…
- if makes it harder to achieve the dramatic tension of fighting ‘on the edge’.
- it may be a Band-Aid solution allowing groups to play on without redressing what D&D4e philosophy would call imbalances (like the lack of any Defender), dysfunctional behaviour, etc.

2 This is pure invention, not deliberately drawn from any real-world practice. It is stupid to spray blood all over people, so don’t do it, even for a laugh.

Clan-brothers' Succour

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