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Adventure Logs

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Aftermath of the Well of Demons
- About the Scrabbles over the Rod of Ruin,
  and Vadriar’s lore concerning it
  and the Minotaur who once wielded it
Percival’s Parting Shot
- Nana’s news, and Percival’s departure
Vadriar, Paldemar and the Sea of Shadows
- Discovering the blockade;
  Vadriar’s Shadow; Vadriar’s Tale of Paldemar
The Court of Bones
- The winning of the Orb of Light
Down to the Sea of Shadows
- Deciding and journeying; wraiths and spectres
The Sea of Shadows, Foes and Friends
- Death of the undead; Denoa’s Tale
Breaking the Ritual
- Rescuing Mage Hasifir, and the dragon’s last gasp
Hounding the Hyenas
- Foes in the tunnels back to the Hall;
  Departing immediately for Paldemar’s place
Into the Palace of Zaamdul
- Silver Key, Teleportation
  Fighting Kalarel and the Shadows
Attack of the Norkers
- Fighting Norkers and Flesh Rippers
Rage Around the Machine
- Fighting more Norkers and Flesh Rippers
The Chapel of the Demon Prince
- Fighting Norkers, Flesh Ripper and Bronze Warder
The Pursuit of Paldemar
- Fighting and taking Paldemar

Campaign Notes

House Rules
Clan-brothers’ Succour
Last Thoughts from Thunderspire

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