Last Thoughts from Thunderspire

So we cut things abruptly short at the climactic end of the fight in which you took Paldemar down, preventing him from escaping and ordering his undead forces to attack the practically defenceless Seven-Pillared Hall.


At the last, you knocked Paldemar cold instead of killing him — and used your healing arts to ensure that even the vengeful pulse from Varris’ Lifedrinking scimitar didn’t finish him off.
   So you want to interrogate him? Ransom him back to Orcus? (OK, probably not that.)
   The adventure is won, the mechanical details are not likely to have the drama that defeating him had; there will be a body count, which will be reduced assuming you can persuade him to throw in the towel and call off his troops.
   Beyond that, see Paldemar’s Journal for the story of what was going on from the start, and where else his attentions lay…

The Mages of Saruun

The wizard whom you rescued, Hasifir, sees to the vanquishing of the Shadow Binders that hold his colleagues. Without the subterfuges of Paldemar, forewarned and duly forearmed, the Mages of Saruun are more than a match for those creatures.
   Their gratitude appears to have run to the Eagle of Gold… and now 700gp in coin, and “a debt of gratitude from the Mages of Saruun”. Any portion of the 700gp* can be taken in Arcane Components (which I will henceforth be tracking as a separate currency) or Magic Items.

Also, there’s 1,250 XP to carve up amongst yourselves.

*Effectively 900, but they very reasonably already advanced you 4 Potions of Healing at cost price.

The Seven-Pillared Hall

There’s possibly more gratitude to be had from such the residents of the Hall as may be less jaded and/or less prickly about their reduced dignity than the Mages themselves.
   Please let me know how you relate to this…

Unless you say different, I’ll assume you hang out and enjoy the adulation, and LEVEL UP TO SEVENTH. An NPC halfing Bard called Bennik the Wanderer shows up, and eagerly looks forward to spreading word of your exploits in the Nentir Vale (though he’s smart enough not to tell the Mages that that’s what he’s planning to do.)

The Reason You Came — I: Word of Wonders

Get back to Valthrun the Prescient in Winterhaven to collect on the (Quest XP and) reward for going to Thunderspire in the first place. Take him an item to prove that you really delved the place, and tell him all about its ancient glories, for coin and a ‘normalish’ 6th level Ritual.

The Reason You Came – II: Merchants’ Couriers

Get back to Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe in Winterhaven with the set of Drow fortune stones you received from Gendar after delivering him that casket. There was to be coin for that as well.

The Reason You Came – III: Vengeance upon the Bloodreavers / Rescuing their victims

Krand is slain, and the Bloodreaver slavers outside of his base now find there’s no Duergar offering such lucrative payment for slaves any more. The priestess in Winterhaven suggested to you that Baron Jon Stockmer of Harkenwold would reward the safe return of his villagers.
   There were also, unknown to anyone in Winterhaven, several Thumper clansfolk taken from the Winterbole Forest, and three river-convoy halflings.
   The rescued slaves are:

  • Veleda (F) prospecter of the Labyrinth
  • Harkenwolders: – Arum, Bessa(F), Garol, Nellie(F), Starrig
  • Thumpers: Calder, Keitil Greatsword, Tabith(F, needs a month’s bedrest and medical attention before she can travel), plus shaman Borran Lightfoot
  • Halflings: Alvi Cloudrun (8 y.o., blind), plus Nana Cloudrun the priestess of Avandra

5 of the Duergar’s slaves were not so lucky, including teenage halfling Lyssa Cloudrun (F), Halvo Hidebreeches of the Thumpers.

Just so you know: this still isn’t necessarily everything… I have some more notes in the ‘GM Secrets’ part of this page as well. Kudos and bonuses to anyone remembering and directly asking about any of them. ‘Intelligence rolls to remember’ available on request.

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Last Thoughts from Thunderspire

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